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Year 4 News

Year 4 along with all the year groups have been making Christmas cards this week, to send to our new partnership school in Spain-Antonio Machada.  The children will be setting up links with the school throughout the year.DSCF2393 DSCF2392 DSCF2391 DSCF2390 DSCF2389 DSCF2388 DSCF2387 DSCF2386 DSCF2384 DSCF2383 DSCF2382 DSCF2381 DSCF2380 DSCF2379 DSCF2378 DSCF2377 DSCF2376 DSCF2375 DSCF2374 DSCF2373 DSCF2372 DSCF2371 DSCF2370 DSCF2369 DSCF2368 DSCF2367 DSCF2366 DSCF2365 DSCF2364 DSCF2363 DSCF2362


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