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Fun Maths Challenge

We are launching a ‘Mathematics Passport’ to support and improve children’s mental maths skills.

What is it?

There are seven stages with each stage being a different continent. The targets for each stage are taken from the new National Curriculum for each year group. Each target is linked to a maths game where the children can practice their mental maths skills. The aim is to build confidence in mental maths and recall facts and calculations at speed.

The passports should be completed in the following order:





North America

South America


When to do it?

The class teachers may use the games during lessons as part of their mental and oral starter. Children will be able to access the stages on our school website and practice at home and during the school day. There will also be a Maths Passport Club once a week for a different year group each half term. The children can come to the club and use iPads to access their maths passport.

Where to start?

All children will start at a level they are comfortable with and progress through the passports at their own pace.  The aim is to complete the passports when they get to Year 6.  At first, it may seem that the work they are doing is challenging but with more practice this will change.

How does it work?

Each target has a hyperlink that the children can click and it will load a game on the Internet. The game relates to the target and will allow the children to practice their mental maths skills. When your child feels confident with a stage, they can bring their passport to their class teacher who will then stamp it.

How can you help at home?

We would ask that you spend 10 minutes each evening practicing your child’s passport skills with them.  This could be in the car, before or after teatime, before bed – it doesn’t need to be a sit down, formal time.  For each stage there is an explanation book to help parents/carers with questions you might ask your child to support their mental maths skills.

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