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Can your child answer the following questions?

Represent numbers using figures


Know the representation for each digit and form each number.


Write the number 4.

Hide part of a number and ask what number it could be.

Count objects up to 10 Count a number of objects.

e.g. How many spots is on the ladybird?

How many buttons do you have on your coat?

How many pencils are in the pot?

Recite numbers in order to 10  

Count in order from 0 – 10.

e.g. count a number of objects.


What number comes after 4?

Count on from 2 to 10.

Recognise numbers up to 20  

Know the representation for numbers from 0 to 20.

Write a number and ask what number it is?
Recognise 2D shapes  

Know the names for common 2D shapes.

e.g. circle, square and triangle.


How many sides does a square have?

Can you find any objects that have a circle on?

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