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An Introduction to Colour

Learning about the primary colours, colour mixing, adding white and black to create tints and shades.


Study of seascapes with particular reference to the series of seascapes by Vincent Van Gough

Creative Materials

Use a range of materials, natural and man-made to create collage

Use a range of materials to design and make puppets.

Building Bridges

Design a bridge using the Swiss Bridge in Birkenhead Park as a stimulus. Use a range of materials and compare suitability based on strength.

Predicting the Weather

Design and make a weather chart.

Explore materials and their suitability for different weathers.

Make a rain catcher, make a windmill 

Keeping Safe in the Sun

Design and make a structure to keep safe in the sun. 

Design and make ice cream sundae including a favourite version and a healthy version.



Wedgewood (link to the Lady Lever art gallery)

Della Robbia pottery (Williamson art gallery)

Artist Study 

Study the work of the following two artists comparing and contrasting their work: Piet Mondrian

Pablo Picasso

Church Art

A study of stained glass windows.

Colour and light.

European Snacks Look at a typical English, French, Italian and Spanish sandwich fillings. Design and make a sandwich from each country. 

Aero dynamics 

How the shape of planes has changed over time?

Design and make different types of planes using different materials.

Towers and Steeples

Look at designs of towers and steeples. Investigate strength, materials and structure. Construct and build own church models.



Study weaving using a range of creative materials natural and manmade.

Cave Art

Study cave art from around the world. 

North African Art

Shape, patterns and prints from North Africa.

Beach Combing

Making beach art and

drift wood sculptures including the work of British sculptor Heather Jansch.


Designing and building different shelters for different climates. 

North African Food Taste and make foods from North African culture.

Does this food have an influence on what we eat in the UK today?  

Fun at the Beach

Designing an activity or toy for the beach that moves e.g. sail boat, windmills. 


Monet’s Garden

A study of the artist Monet and the paintings his garden inspired.

Art That Tells a Story

Anglo Norman art.

The Bayeux tapestry.

Maritime Art

Ship portraits and maritime art. A study of art inspired by the River Mersey and it’s ships.


Design and make a volcano and make it erupt.

Heat Proof Materials

Explore kitchen utensils and explore suitability for purpose.

Scandinavian Food

Traditional and modern Scandinavian food. Curing and preserving food.

Ship Building

Design of boats, ships. Look at suitability of materials. Look at propellers and how they move. Make own boat with moving propeller.



Portraits of the monarchs from the Tudors to present day. Self-portraits.

Ancient Greek Pottery

Style, colour and pattern.

Arts and Crafts

William Morris, Pugin and the arts and crafts movement.

Arctic Explorers

Look at how vehicles and clothing have changed for explorers over time.

Design sleighs and sledges that move.

Greek Buildings

Design a Greek temple, look at design, purpose and construction of pillars. Look for examples of 

Greek influenced architecture today in modern Britain.

A Melting Pot of Flavours

The influence of the former British Empire on British food today e.g. Indian food, potatoes, spices, fruits

Making and tasting foods.


Pop Art

Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement.

South American Art 

From ancient to modern day including a selection of Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits.


A study of British landscape artists e.g. Constable.

Creating own landscapes.


Russian Dolls

Design and make a Russian Doll using fabric.

Look at the design of Russian dolls and make a series of boxes that fit inside each other.

Mexican food

Making and tasting food.

Study some main ingredients of Mexican food. Does this food have an influence on what we eat in the UK today?   

Winches and Pulleys

Look at winches and pulleys to move cargos on and off ships.


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