Collective Worship

Coming together as a school family in worship and prayer is an important part of life at Our Lady and St Edward's Catholic Primary School.

Each week we come together as a community for our weekly assembly, either as a whole school or in our Key Stages.

It is a special time for us to share the Gospel values; to place emphasis on the development of positive attitudes and respect towards each other and the world around us.

In our assemblies we think about the Gospel readings in Church on Sunday and what they mean for us as Catholics. We celebrate special occasions and events going on in our lives. We also celebrate and reward the positive effort, attitude and achievements of our pupils.

During each term we invite our families into school to take part in our 'Come and Share' sessions. Each session will focus on different skills and aspects of the life of our school and allow our families to share in our classroom learning.

Prayer and collective worship form an important part of our daily classroom activities. Each class will take part in daily collective worship with their class teacher and will be give the opportunity throughout the year to plan and lead their own collective worship sessions.

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