Lunch Menu Year 1 - 6

Week 1 Hot Choice Vegetarian Jacket Potato (with fillings-see below) Deli Bar (see below)
Monday Pepperoni Pizza & Wedges Ham & Pineapple Pizza & Wedges Cheese & Tomato Pizza & Wedges Everyday Everyday
Tuesday Sausage & Mash Quorn Sausage & Mash Everyday Everyday
Wednesday Mince Pie & Mash Soya Mince & Mash Everyday Everyday
Thursday Roast Turkey Dinner Quorn Fillet Dinner Everyday Everyday
Friday Battered Cod & Chips Muffin Omelette & Chips Everyday Everyday

Week 2 Hot Choice Hot Choice Jacket Potato (with fillings-see below) Deli Bar(see below)
Monday Sausage Roll Quorn Sausage Everyday Everyday
Tuesday Pasta & Meatballs Pasta & Quorn Meatballs Everyday Everyday
Wednesday Creamy Curry / Beef Balti Vegetarian Curry Everyday Everyday
Thursday Roast Beef Dinner Quorn Fillet Dinner Everyday Everyday
Friday Fish Fingers & Chips Vegetable Nuggets & Chips Everyday Everyday


Week 3 Hot Choice Hot Choice Jacket Potato (with fillings-see below) Deli Bar(see below)
Monday Spaghetti Bolognese Vegetarian Bolognese Everyday Everyday
Tuesday Meat & Potato Pie Cheese Pie Everyday Everyday
Wednesday Mince & Mash Vegetarian Mince & Mash Everyday Everyday
Thursday Roast Lamb Dinner Salmon Fillet Everyday Everyday
Friday Fish Fingers & Chips Vegetable Nuggets & Chips Everyday Everyday

Fillings for Jacket Potatoes – Cheese, Beans, Tuna or marinated chicken; served with salad or vegetables.

Deli Bar – Design your own sandwich; first choose your bread-wraps, batch, crusty baguette or sliced bread, then choose your filling; a selection of the following will be available daily-ham, cheese, tuna, prawns, various marinated chicken, turkey, roast beef or egg and finally finish with a choice of salad-carrot sticks, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, sweetcorn, coleslaw, beetroot, peppers, pasta salads, rice salads and cous cous (a selection will be available daily).

Desserts– Dessert of the Day is a bakery item; e.g. freshly made biscuits, cakes, flapjack or jelly. Yoghurts, Fresh Fruit, Fruit Pots, Ice-Cream or Cheese and Crackers are available everyday as an alternative to the daily dessert.

Drinks– A selection of the following; freshly made milkshakes-chocolate and strawberry, fresh fruit juice-apple and orange or chilled water.

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