Year 1 - Key Progression

Year 1

Changes within living memory

  • Me and my family tree, key national events (e.g.  Royal births, weddings, prime ministers etc.)
  • Sea side holidays have changed over time.
  • Lifeboats have changed over time.
  • Bidston Hill has a windmill and an observatory

Events beyond living memory

  • The Gunpowder plot was in 1605
  • We remember the gunpowder plot every year on bonfire night.
  • Bonfire night is celebrated on 5th November.
  • Hoylake lifeboat station is one of the oldest in the UK it was founded in 1803.
  • New Brighton Lifeboat station was founded in 1863.

The lives of significant individuals

  • Queen Elizabeth II is our queen
  • Guy Fawkes was born in 1570.
  • Guy Fawkes plotted to use explosives to destroy the Houses of Parliament and King James 1st. The plot was unsuccessful.
  • Sir William Hilary started the modern lifeboat service in 1824.

Local History Study

  • New Brighton has been a popular seaside town since the late 1900s.
  • Seaside holidays became popular in Victorian times.
  • New Brighton has seen many changes over time.

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