Year 3 - Key Knowledge

Year 3

  • BC means before Christ but we now call it BCE before common era
  • AD is after Christ which is now called CE common era
  • The Stone Age is divided into three periods: the Palaeolithic period (30,000BC – 10,000BC), Mesolithic Period (10,000BC – 8000BC), Neolithic Period (8000BC – 3000BC) Bronze age started in 4000 BC and lasted about 1500 years
  • The iron age started in 2500 BC and lasted for about 800 years
  • Stonehenge was built over many hundred years and work began in 3000 BC
  • The Egyptians were an ancient civilisation from 3000BC to 30BC.
  • The Egyptians built pyramids and monuments and many are in the valley of the kings
  • The most famous Egyptian Pharaoh was Tutankhamun he died the age of 19
  • Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter
  • The Borough of Wirral was founded in 1974
  • Parkgate was an important port at the start of the 18th century

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