Year 4 - Key Knowledge

Year 4

  • The Roman Empire began in 27 BC
  • Caesar Augustus was the first official emperor of Rome
  • The Romans ruled Britain from 43 AD to 410 AD
  • Chester was an important Roman city
  • The Anglo Saxons settled in Britain after the Romans in 410 to 1066
  • The Vikings were in conflict with the Anglo Saxons between 793 and 1066
  • The Dark Ages is the time from the Romans leaving to 1066.
  • The Normans invaded in 1066 and William the Conqueror became king after the battle of Hastings when Edward the confessor died.
  • William Laird founded Birkenhead iron works with his son John Laird and began building ships in 1828
  • Cammell Lairds began in 1903 after John Laird amalgamated with Charles Laird
  • RRS Sir David Attenborough launched in 2018

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