Year 5 - Key Knowledge

Year 5

  • The Tudor period is between 1405 and 1603
  • There were five Tudor monarchs: Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward I, Mary I and Elizabeth I
  • The Victorian era was between 1837 and 1901
  • The Stuart king James I was the frst king of a United Kingdom
  • Parliament has two houses the House of commons and the House of Lords
  • Ancient Greece was from 800 BC it fell to the Romans in 146 BC
  • The Greeks were defeated at the battle of Corinth at 146 BC
  • Athens and Sparta were city states in Ancient Greece
  • The Ancient Greeks started the Olympic games first held in Olympia
  • Mersey railways opened in 1886
  • Hamilton Square was designed by Edinburgh architect James Gillespie Graham

A monument to Queen Victoria was built in Hamilton Square in 1905

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