Year 6 - Key Knowledge

Year 6

  • World War 1 was from 1914-1918
  • The Battle of the Somme took place in 1916
  • The Armistice took place on 11th November 1918. We remember Armistice Day every year on the same date.
  • The Treaty of Versailles (Peace Treaty) was signed on 28th June 1919
  • World war 2 was from 1939 – 1945
  • The Battle of Britain took place in 1940
  • The Normandy landings were the landing operations on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 often referred to as D Day
  • Coronation Street first aired in 1961
  • JFK was assassinated in 1963
  • Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech 1963
  • The Beatles had their first hit in 1963
  • England won the world cup in 1966
  • The Mayan culture was established in 1000 BC
  • The Mayan culture lasted until 1697
  • The Mayan biggest city was Tikal which means at the water Hole 600BC and 900 AD
  • The port of Liverpool is 7.5 miles (12.1KM) which runs from Brunswick Dock to Seaforth Dock to the East side of the Mersey
  • Birkenhead Docks are on the West side of the River Mersey.
  • The Port of Liverpool is the UKs most centrally located container port.
  • History of Liverpool can be traced back to 1190 when it was known as Liuerpul meaning a pool or creek containing muddy water.
  • Liverpool was involved in the slave trade from 1700-1807.

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