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Attendance Winners - Spring Term 2017

Attendance winners this term


Keystage 1                                                                                    Keystage 2

Archie Bowe – Hero’s                                                                       Molly Courtenay – Doh Vinci

Thomas Power – Hero’s                                                                   Abbie Griffiths – Doh Vinci

Layla Browne – Elsa Doll                                                                 Caitlin Payne – Doh Vinci

Gracie Roberts – Felt Jewellery                                                      Amy Humphreys – Beados Crystals

Tony Fay – Playdoh                                                                           Kirsty Reece Jones – Magic Tricks

Maddie Mae Chambers – Unicorn Family

Lilly Murray – Rockstar Set                                                             Darren Jones – Dino Valley

Freddie Smith – Iron Man                                                               Michael Pulford – Horrible Science Kit

Lee Valentine – Remote Control Car                                             Jamie Lambert – Horrible Science Kit

Victoria Rathnow – Bumper Stationery Pack                              Kirsty Reece- Jones – 3 in 1 Sports Set



Half-Term 100% Attendance Winners

Ashley Ball – Kindle                                                                          Sophie Duffy – Kindle

Lee Valentine – Outdoor Goodies                                                  Ellie May Watkinson Duckers – Outdoor Goodies



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