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British Values Year 2

9.15-10.15   10.30-11.45  








Discussing ‘personal identity’- what makes you, ‘you’? Use ‘British Values’ power point. Discuss. Groups to brainstorm adjectives to describe children in our class. Children to design poster to describe their personal identity, e.g. likes/dislikes, hobbies, talents, religion, hopes for future. Rest of class to guess the identity of other children from looking at their poster.   




Science Trip All Day   


Science Trip All Day   






Read poem ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’. Challenge the children to identify language features, e.g. rhyme, repetition. Jigsaw mix and match- cut up the lines of the poem, children to re-arrange in correct order. Children to sing a line each of the poem to help them learn it by heart.   


Cut out the rhyming parts of the poem, children to replace the rhyming words of the poem with their own chosen rhyming words. Children to create their own story board of the poem, mapping out what happens in the poem by drawing pictures and including a caption underneath. Children to use role play to bring the poem to ‘life’ in front of the rest of the class.   






Focus- British cuisine- Children to use i-pads to research typical British cuisine, answering questions in the style of a ‘ food quiz’. Children to design their own plate of food representing a typical British meal (using paper plates). Challenge the children to design their own British menu to be used in their Yr 2 ‘restaurant’.   



P.E. (Mr O’Keefe)







Discuss the rules of British law. Challenge the children to discuss the consequences of breaking the law. Each group of children to create their own list of ‘school rules’ which they would enforce if they were in charge of our school. Children to write their own short fictional story about the consequences of breaking the law with a hidden message to warn children of the serious consequences of breaking the law.   






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