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British Values Year 5

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Monday HAND-WRITING Introduction to ‘British Values Week’.-what are values?

-What do we think are British values?

B M British Poets-Share a range of poems written by a variety of British Poets.

-Discuss features and meanings presented.


– Children to choose their favourite giving reasons for why they have chosen that particular poem.

L British Poets-Children to research William Wordsworth using ICT- children to be given sub-headings as guidance.

-In small groups children to present their findings to the class.

-Share the poem ‘Daffodils’/’I wandered lonely as a cloud’ as children to read a stanza at a time. Discuss the choice of vocabulary. How could we change this to enhance meaning?- Use thesauruses.

– Share PP on how to write a quality poem- discuss with children.

-Children to begin to generate ideas to write their own poem about ‘Daffodils’. Mindmap what springs to mind when we think of ‘Daffodils’. Support LA with word banks.

– Children to begin to draft their own Daffodils poem.

British Poets Quiz
Tues. WHOLE SCHOOL ASSEMBLY9.00-9.30 British Poets-Return children’s poems written yesterday afternoon. Using Ipad, reflect some of the excellent examples onto IWB so that children can read aloud with their peers. Point out higher level vocabulary and punctuation used by children.

-Ask children to read over the feedback and marking on their own poems. Ask children to edit and improve their poems.

-Once children are satisfied they have edited and improved to the best of their abilty, children to write up their poem onto Daffodil template. Recap the importance of layout.

R I British Poets-Children to share their poems with the class.

-Peers to feedback giving two things that they liked about the children’s poems and one thing they could improve upon.


-for the second half of the session children are to sort themselves into groups of 3.

They are to decide upon their favourite poem from Monday morning’s session.

-Children will then be shown a number of poems which have been performed (IWB).

Discuss what the performers did well and suggest ways in which they could make their performance more interesting.

-Ask children to look over their poem and think about how they could perform the poem they have selected.

– Children to learn the poem by heart- a section each- then perform poem.

U Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and BeliefsMutual Respect

-Ask children what they think is respect?

-What is mutual respect? – Why must we show respect/be respectful?

-Can you think of a time when someone has not shown respect? What happened?

– Children to write down a scenario in which they have witnessed someone being disrespectful – what happened? What was the outcome? What could the person involved have done to change the outcome?


-What is religion? Why is it important? What different types of religions do we know about? Does everyone in Britain have the same religion?

Share Powerpoint. Discuss the similarities and differences. Children to complete similarities and differences chart (paired work).


-Children to complete an information poster about the 5 largest religions in Britain. Children should include only factual information and should also highlight the leader of each religion and the symbol best known to that religion.


Religion Quiz


Democracy-What is it? Why is it important? Why is voting important?

– Discuss the different parties within Britain and their views.

-Children to complete a simple information sheet which would be suitable to share with year 3.

E L Parliament and Laws-The rule of law.The Police force and their role.

Knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Consequences when people do not follow the laws within Britain.

Discuss how we would feel if certain laws from different countries were enforced here..e.g. girls cannot go to school? How would that make us feel?

Children to be given different scenarios- what would happen in Britain? What might happen elsewhere?

N P.E. (Outdoor) Individual Liberty-What does this mean to us?

Should everyone have individual liberty?

-Class debate- for and against.


Class vote-

Children need to vote for a new job distributor. Each Monday this person will change the person in charge of certain class jobs. This person will need to be fair and will need to take into account the needs of the whole class.

Children will need to come up with a short speech which should persuade the class to vote for them.

Children will then vote for the new job distributor. The person with the most votes- wins.

Thurs. SPELLING TEST P.E.(Indoor) A K Suffragettes-Who were the suffragettes? What were they protesting for? How did they change Britain?

-Children to complete comprehension style activity.

-Children to share propaganda posters about the suffragettes- in groups discuss what the posters are showing and the implications of the posters.

Each group to share their poster and their groups’ thoughts in front of the group.

C The British Monarchy-A brief recap of the royal family tree.

Share PP.

Children to then choose the monarch of most interest to them and they are to research this monarch using Britannica.

Children are to produce a brief factual report on their chosen monarch- illustrations may be included.

Art- share different portraits of different monarchs. Why might some portraits of the same monarch be different to others?

Into Art and Design books children are to re-create a portrait of their chosen monarch.

Watch short video about the Royal family tree. (IWB)


MUSIC (Mr Woods) K Geography of Britain-What makes up Britain?

-What countries? Capital cities, rivers, highest mountains etc..?

-Map work using atlas

H Development of the union JackA brief history of the union jack.


Foods associated with certain places in Britain.


Recap of all areas covered this week. Followed by quiz/team games. Prizes for table with highest score at the end of each round.

Team Games/ Quiz
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