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Charging and Remissions Policy

Charging & Remissions Policy – School Activities, School Lunches & Milk

The Governing Body of Our Lady & St. Edward’s Catholic Primary has adopted the following policy in connection with the matter of charging for school activities.

  1. The Governing Body endorses the policy of the Wirral Local Authority (LA) with respect to charging for school activities.  This policy is available on the Wirral Internet – Children’s Services – Education & Training.
  2. Parents will be asked to pay in cash for materials which are being used in practical activities if they wish to own the finished product.  Parents will be asked before the activity is undertaken whether they so wish.
  3. Parents may be asked for payment towards the cost of repairing or replacing any part of the fabric of the school or any item of school property which has been damaged or lost as a result of their child’s behaviour.
  4. Parents will be asked to pay for examination fees in the circumstances outlined in the Authority’s policy statement.
  5. School trips and visits form an important part of the curriculum offered by our school.  Parents are not required to pay for such visits, but may be asked to make voluntary contributions towards their cost.  No pupil will be excluded from a school trip because of their parents’ unwillingness or inability to contribute, but it is hoped that parents will feel able to support the school in its efforts to provide a full and interesting curriculum for all its pupils.  If the contributions made are not sufficient to enable a planned trip to take place, the Headteacher may cancel the trip or make such changes to the organisation of the trip as he/she thinks necessary.
  6. All trips and visits will be organised under the direction of the Headteacher and in accordance with the guidelines issued by LA (Circular 1/86).  No school visit will take place without the approval of the governing body.  Staff organising such trips will be responsible to the Headteacher at all times.
  7. Parents will be asked to meet the board and lodging costs of residential trips.  Parents who have difficulty in meeting the full cost of a school visit may be assisted by the school.
  8. Parents may be charged for activities defined as ‘optional extras’, that is, activities which are provided mainly out of school hours and which are not part of the school curriculum.  If parents would like their children to take part in such activities but are unable to meet the full cost, financial assistance may be available; the headteacher is happy to talk to parents in confidence about that possibility.
  9. Music tuition is available to all pupils.  There is a charge for the service provided by Wirral Schools Music Service which can be obtained by contacting the school directly.  Remission fees are available for those parents in receipt of free school meals benefits.
  10. A ‘Schedule of Charges’ will be compiled annually and agreed by the Governing Body.  This will include any services provided by the school where a cost is incurred including school lunches, milk and extended day facilities.  Parents will be charged weekly for school lunches (where free school meals do not apply) and termly for milk, calculated on the number of days in the term.
  11. School milk is provided by school.  Milk is provided free to pupils under the age of 5 and pupils who receive a free school meal.
  12. Free meals may be given to staff or visitors at the discretion of the Headteacher.
  13. In order to remove financial barriers from disadvantaged pupils, the Governing Body has agreed that there will be a 50% reduction in the cost of all school trips including the residential trip taking place during school time.  The criteria for this remission is for the child to be in receipt of free school meals and proof of this must be submitted to the school office.  There is no requirement to complete any forms and the cost will be met from the school’s Pupil Premium allocation.
  14. The school provides extended day facilities for which a charge applies, please see annual ‘Schedule of Charges’.
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