Birkenhead Priory Project

Date: 19th Jun 2020 @ 12:55pm

St.Mary's Church Birkenhead: History of the Priory and St. Mary's ...Happy Friday Year 2! This week please create a project on Birkenhead Priory. How you present your project is up to you! Please send pictures/videos of your work. Use this link to help and click on the attached picture for more details.

Miss Flynn :)


Year 2 Birkenhead Priory Project

Research the following…..

-Use the website to research the history of Birkenhead Priory

-Create a timeline of key events including only the most important dates/events.

-Find out what a Prior is and what their role was?

-What was a Monk and what responsibilities did they have?

-What was a working day like for Monks?

-What was a religious day like for Monks?

-Which Royals visited the Priory and when?

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