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Foundation Stage 1 Weekly Tasks: Week 11, by Miss McNamee

Date: 25th Jun 2020 @ 8:47am

Hello Preschool,


We miss you lots and hope that you are keeping well at home.

This week for your home learning tasks, you will be learning about People Who Help Us. Can you think of anyone who helps you? 

We tend to think of people like police officers, doctors, paramedic, firefighters and teachers. 

Task 1: Learn your address and practise what you would say if you were ever in an emergency and needed to call 999. 

Task 2: Create your own emergency vehicle. Think about its features - sirens, hosepipes and ladders, bright colours. You could make your vehicles out of old boxes, bottle top lids and cardboard tubes. 

Task 3: Make your own people who help up costume. You could borrow an adult's hat to be a helmet or a shirt to be a doctor's coat. Pretend you are the person who is helping. What would you do? What would you say?

Task 4: If 5 children are waiting to cross the road and the lollipop person takes 2 children across, how many are left to cross? You could draw a picture or use your fingers to help you work out the answer!


Please keep sending in your pictures of your fantastic work to our school Facebook page - we love to see what you are all up to at home.

Preschool Team  

Pre-School Tasks, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 27th May 2020 @ 12:31pm

Blog Ideas - Pirates


 Hi preschool,

We hope you are keeping safe and enjoying the sunshine.

We are continuing with our topic about pirates this week. Have you been having fun with the activities Miss McNamee gave you last week? This week we thought you could:

Task 1 Make your own pirate ship using different containers. Find out if they will float or do they sink? You could even give them a pirate flag.

Task 2 If you haven’t made a treasure chest yet why not make one out of egg cartons. Decorate it and put some coins in and count them. Can you count them out as you share them with your family?

Task 3 Google the pirate song ‘Over the Deep Blue Sea’ and have fun joining in with the words and actions. Colour a piece of paper black and make yourself an eye patch to wear. Use a piece of string to fasten it.

Task 4 Can you think of your own pirate name and write it? Mine is Boots McLaren, Mrs Hayes’s name is Captain Hayes Peg-Leg and Miss McNamee’s name is Matey McNamee

Have fun. See you soon xxx

Foundation Stage 1 Weekly Tasks: Week 8, by Miss McNamee

Date: 20th May 2020 @ 2:24pm

Hi children,

We hope you are OK. This week we are going to learn about Pirates! ARRRR!
We have found some lovely pirate activities for you to do whilst you're at home.

Task 1: Pirates love to hide their treasure! Pretend you have hidden some treasure in your garden, can you make a map to lead someone in your house to the hidden treasure? I will put some picture examples for you below.

Task 2: Use some old boxes, packaging and other materials to make a pirate accessory. It could be a treasure chest, a telescope, a sword or maybe even a parrot!

Task 3: Can you think of some more words that start with the 'p' sound?

Task 4: Design a flag for your very own pirate ship. 

We can't wait to see you soon and see all of your tasks. Please keep sending them into us.

Take care,
F1 Team

Pre-School Home Learning Week 7, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 14th May 2020 @ 5:39pm

Pre-School Tasks week 6, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 13th May 2020 @ 2:29pm

Hi everyone, Mrs McLaren here.

Hope you are all OK.

We are missing you lots, but we are really enjoying seeing your photographs of the activities you are doing. 

This week we are going to read the story of Little Red RidingHood

Once we have read the story we would like you to take part in some tasks. 

Task 1: Draw a picture and write the name of your fairy tale character and have a try at writing their name. My favourite is the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk and the Cheeky Gingerbread Man. 

Task 2: Make a mask for the Big Bad Wolf using materials you can find around the home, making sure you make big, ears, big eyes and BIG TEETH RRRRRR.

Task 3: Make a fruit basket up for granny. As you do, count how many of each fruit or vegetable you are putting in.

Task 4: Ask your family to help you act out the story of Little Red Ridinghood and maybe tthinnk about a different ending to the story. Try to wear your mask. 

We can't wait to see you soon and see all of your tasks. 

Please send them in to us. 

Take care, 

F1 Team. 


Foundation Stage 1 Weekly Tasks: Week 5, by Miss McNamee

Date: 6th May 2020 @ 1:33pm

Hi children,

We hope that you have enjoyed your fairy tasks this week - did any fairies come into your garden?

We have seen some fantastic photographs of your work so far! Please do keep sending these in, we love to see how you are getting on.

This week, we are moving on from fairies to fairy tales! Here are some tasks for you to have a go at: 

Task 1: Listen to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. What did Goldilocks do in the Bears' house? What happened when the Bears came home? Try to retell the story to someone at home. Can you using different voices for the different characters? Maybe you could make some puppets to use help you to retell the story!

Task 2: Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear each had a bowl of porridge. How many bowls of porridge did they have altogether? You could use your fingers or draw pictures to help you to work out the answer.

Task 3: Goldilocks and the Three Bears love eating porridge! Try making some porridge with a grown-up. Why don't you add some different toppings onto your porridge - you could try jam, fruit or honey. Do you like porridge? 

Task 4: Baby Bear loves to sleep in bed with his favourite teddy bear. Do you have a favourite teddy bear or toy? Draw or paint a picture of yours!


We cannot wait to see the photographs of your porridge, puppets and lovely drawings! Please send them to the school facebook page or email. We look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Keep washing those hands,

F1 Team xxx

Pre-School Tasks Week 5, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 27th Apr 2020 @ 1:29pm

Hi pre-school,

Hope you are all having lots of fun taking part in the activities we are setting you.

We have seen some fantastic photographs of your work so far, so please keep sending these in. We love to see how you are getting on.

This week we are setting you some very exciting tasks. We would like you to create your own fairy garden in your house.

Task 1: Google fairy gardens and look at the pictures for some ideas.

Task 2: Draw and design your fairy garden, maybe you could create a fairy door and a place for your fairies to sit?

Task 3: Using the recipe below, make some salt dough and start to make your fairy garden, using your design help you. Bake this in the oven and you can then decorate using whatever materials you have. This could be paint, felt tips etc. 

Task 4: Can you create some signs for your fairy garden using numbers and letters, 

examples of this could be:  making a number for your fairy door, 

                                            making a sign post saying "my fairy garden"


We can't wait to see the photographs of your fairy garden that you can send to the school facebook page or email and we look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Take care of each other. 

F1 Team xxx

Salt dough recipe

1 cup plain flour

1/2 cup salt

1/2 cup of water

Mix and make your fairy garden shapes.

preheat the oven to its lowest setting

Place dough shapes on grease proof paper.

Bake in the oven on a low heat for about 3 hours, until it is hard.

The alternative is to leave it to air dry which takes a few days.

Leave to cool before you decorate.

Have fun xxx

Foundation Stage 1 Weekly Tasks: Week 4, by Miss McNamee

Date: 22nd Apr 2020 @ 2:09pm


Hi Pre-School

We hope you’re all well and enjoying the lovely sunshine. We have got some more tasks for you to complete this week. We have started learning about the Circus.

Task 1- Literacy task

Can you make some signs for your roleplay Circus? You could use your mark making skills to write ‘jugglers this way’ or ‘elephants here’ - make sure you tell an adult what your signs say.

Task 2 – Maths task

Can you make entrance tickets for your circus? You can use your literacy skills by writing words or your maths skills by putting a price on the tickets. Maybe you could use coins as part of your roleplay to help with your counting and number recognition.


DIY circus tent- fortune teller booth? | Tent, Backyard canopy ...

Task 3- Physical development

 Can you balance or spin a plastic plate like a circus performer? You could use the plastic bottles that Miss McLaren asked you to keep to play a bowling game too. Use your maths skills to count how long you can balance the plate for or how many bottles you’re able to knock down.

Spinning the Physics - How Plate Spinning Works | HowStuffWorks


Task 4 – Understanding the world

Could you watch the greatest showman with your family? This will give you an understanding of what a circus is and the different performers.  

I would love to see some pictures or videos of you performing to the songs from the film.  


Enjoy your week with your family. We can't wait to see all your tasks, please do send any pictures of your tasks to the schools website or facebook page.


See you soon,

Miss McNamee

Pre-School Tasks week 3, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 13th Apr 2020 @ 1:24pm

Hi Pre-School

Hope you had a very HOPPY Easter and enjoyed the sunshine.

We have got some more tasks for you to complete this week.

We are going to be learning all about the Circus so.....

Task 1- Can you find out what a circus is and what happens at the circus including all the different circus performers. Maybe you could  google them to see what they look like and how they perform?

Task 2- Maths task

            Can you create a tight rope walk on the floor using chalk, your mums dressing gown tie or belt, count how many steps you can do whilst keeping your balance. Good luck!

Task 3 Literacy task

         Can you match the initial sounds to the different circus acts, repeating the sounds and learning the new circus vocabulary?

trapeze artist



stilt walker


Task 4- Can you make a circus tent den and create your own circus act, maybe you could be a clown or a juggler or a trapeze artist?

Enjoy your week with your family. We can't wait to see all your tasks, send any pictures of your tasks in to the school website. We would love to see your best clown costumes. 

If you have any plastic bottles, please keep them for some of your tasks next week. 

Pre-School Video Week 1, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 2nd Apr 2020 @ 3:15pm

Pre-School Tasks, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 2nd Apr 2020 @ 2:03pm

Hi Pre-School,

Here are a few more tasks for you to do this week.

This month is National Pet Month, so we thought you might like to:

- Draw a picture of your pet or a pet you would like to own and write the initial sound for your pet next to it.

- Make a pet house using old boxes and decorate it to make it cosy for your pet.

-Create a pictogram for your families favourite pet. 

We hope you are all taking care of yourselves and washing your hands for 20 seconds at a time.

Share your work with the schools twitter account. 

Take care.

F1 Team x

F1/F2 - Edible Garden, by Miss Ward

Date: 30th Sep 2019 @ 8:30pm

Some of our children had fun last week weeding our 'Edible Garden' ready to plant some new seeds and plants. 

Squidge the Squirrel, by Mrs Walker

Date: 25th Apr 2019 @ 11:36am

Today F1 had a visitor, Mr Squidge the Squirrel! Mr Squidge was only a baby squirrel. The children enjoyed looking at him and he looked hungry so we fed him some nice healthy apple before phoning the rescue centre to pick Mr Squidge up. 

We hope Mr Squidge had a lovely time playing in our playground and We hope he finds a nice new cosy home. 

Planting seeds, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 11th Mar 2019 @ 4:38pm

We were planting French bean seeds for our edible playground. The children thought they would grow as big as Jack and the Beanstalk. 

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