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Home learning Animals day 1, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 1st Mar 2021 @ 10:01am

Hi Preschool, 

We hope you are all ok. We are missing you lots. We hope to see you very soon.

This week we are focusing on jungle animals and farm animals.

Communication and Language/Phonics

Warm up

Cosmic Kids yoga



We are thinking about animals this week and what types of animals there are.


Encourage your child to think about different animals that they know, make a list e.g. tiger,lion, elephant, dog, rabbit, cow, pig, sheep.

It doesn’t matter what type of animals they think about, this is what we want them to do so that they can begin to differentiate between the different types of animals.



Farm animals

Jungle animals and pet animals.

Encourage your child to watch this video and talk to them about the different animals they see and where they might live.




Play Bertha goes to the zoo.


Set up a small toy zoo and join the children as they play with it.

If you don’t have zoo animals maybe draw some or find pictures of them on the internet.

Look for animals starting with the same sound (e.g. a lion, a lizard, a leopard, a llama and a lobster) to act out this story.

Chant the following rhyme and allow your child to look at the animals adding an animal name to the list of animals spotted at the zoo. Bertha the bus is going to the zoo, Who does she see as she passes through? … a pig, a panda, a parrot and a polar bear.

By the end of the activity they should be beginning to: identify initial sounds of words;

reproduce the initial sounds clearly and recognisably

make up their own alliterative phrases

Home learning Dinosaurs day 4, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 26th Feb 2021 @ 9:34am



Warm up

Cosmic Kids yoga



Can you cut up some shapes of bones to hide around the house?

Hide the bones in different places with numbers on from 1-10 and higher numbers if your child is able to recognise these.

Encourage your child to find the bones and place them in the correct order.



Can you now make the correct number of dinosaur eggs to go with each number? These could be drawn, made with playdough, or any other way of making amounts that you have at home.

Once they have made the amounts use 4,5 and 6 and split these amounts up e.g. 3 and 3, explain that you have shared the amounts between you and your child, you have three and they have three. How many do they have altogether? Has the total amount changed or stayed the same?

Try this with different amounts.


Number practice 1-9

Home learning Dinosaurs day 3, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 25th Feb 2021 @ 9:47am



Warm up

Joe Wicks


Use your drawing from yesterday and have a try at labelling the different parts using initial sounds e.g spikes, listen for the initial sounds and have a try at writing it to label your dinosaur.



Practice your mark making, can you try drawing some shapes in sand, flour or soil?

If not could your mum or dad draw some patterns on paper that you can draw over?

Parents, help children to Practice their pencil control, holding the pencil in their dominant hand and at the bottom of the pencil.


Listen to the dinosaur story I read on Tapestry or the VLOG today.

Can you think about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story?


Home learning Dinosaurs day 2, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 24th Feb 2021 @ 9:38am

Expressive art and design


Warm up

Cosmic kids yoga




Look at pictures of the sort of habitat dinosaurs may have lived on?


2. Have a try at building a dinosaur habitat using anything around your house and garden.



Repeat the words with your child again from yesterday, explaining to them what they mean again.

Can they remember any of the meanings?



Have a try at drawing your own dinosaur. Does it have spikey teeth or a long neck? Does it have spikes or horns or both?

What colour is it? Keep hold of the picture once you have drawn it because you will need it for your work tomorrow.

Home learning Dinosaurs day 1, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 23rd Feb 2021 @ 9:45am

Welcome back Preschool.

We hope you have had a lovely half term with your families.

We are learning about dinosaurs this week.

We hope you enjoy learning about our dinosaurs and we will see you very soon. 

Our focus today is Understanding the World.

Warm up

Joe Wicks


Introduce Dinosaurs.

Ask your child if they know what a dinosaur is, or if they know any names of dinosaurs?


Introduce children to these words

Use ‘my turn, your turn’ to introduce each word. For example: Point to yourself and say “dinosaurs” and then point to your child for them to repeat “dinosaurs”. Once the child has said this then explain the word.


Dinosaur: A special kind of animal that lived on land a long time ago. Extinct: No longer alive we cannot see them in the world we live in. Prehistoric: A very long time ago. Bones: Hard parts of the body which make up a skeleton. Fossils: Fossils are parts of an animal which have made marks within the rock and has turned to rock itself over millions of years.

 Palaeontologist: A scientist who explores prehistoric times.


Watch video below to see how we can tell what a dinosaur is.



Look at some pictures of dinosaurs and talk about which dinosaurs are your favourite?

Think about what they might have eaten?


Watch this palaeontologist talking about dinosaurs and what they might have eaten?


Can you find out what your favourite dinosaur ate? Was it a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?


Can you draw a meal that your dinosaur might have eaten?

Home learning Jasper's Beanstalk day 5, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 12th Feb 2021 @ 9:07am

Expressive art and design


Warm up

Joe Wicks


Today we are thinking about different sounds.

If you have some toy instruments in your house see if you can play them and think about what sound sounds like a seed popping, water pouring and plant growing.

If you don’t have instruments that’s ok.

Use anything around your house that you can find that makes a noise, pots and pans, body percussion, your voices etc.



You may like to make a rain maker using an empty tube, bottle or containers you may have. If you use some rice, place it on the container, seal and shake. Now you can think about making loud or quiet sounds, fast or slow sounds.



Can you retell the story of Jasper’s beanstalk for your family?

Maybe you could draw, paint or make the character of Jasper and some part of the story.


Wellbeing task 

On sunday it is Valentine's day, maybe you could make a card for some one you love?

Film afternoon,

Choose tour favourite film, help your family make your favourite snacks and have fun.

Home learning Jasper's Beanstalk day 4, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 11th Feb 2021 @ 9:28am


Warm up

Cosmic Kids Yoga



We are thinking about positional language again today.

Practice makes perfect, so watch this video and then have a go at placing one of your teddies in the different positions and using the language to tell me where teddy is.




We are also thinking about the language of size.

Do you think you can make a beanstalk using your toys or things you find in your house?

Can you make a beanstalk that is taller?

Can you make a beanstalk that is smaller.

If you can’t make one, could you draw them?



We are still working on the days of the week. Listen to the song of the days of the week again and have a go at trying to remember the order of the days of the week.





Wellbeing task

Play hide and seek in the house. See who has the best hiding place.

Home learning Jasper's Beanstalk day 3, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 10th Feb 2021 @ 10:10am

Understanding the World


Warm up

Joe Wicks


Look at the beanstalk in the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk on the story video.

Can you build a beanstalk using different things in your house? How tall can you build it?


If you have any seeds, could you plant a seed and see how it grows?

If not, watch this video of a seed growing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECibetK2EYI

Explain that a plant grows from a seed, it needs water and light to grow.


watch this video above, this tells you about different parts of a plant.


The video above will help you to explain what a plant needs to stay alive.


After watching these videos and maybe going to look for plants outside, can you now have a go at drawing a plant and talking about it’s different parts?

Key words to use:

Flower, leaves, stem, roots.

4. Wellbeing task

Enjoy colouring in some pictures together. Maybe you could add these to your memory box?

Home learning Jasper's Beanstalk day 2, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 9th Feb 2021 @ 9:31am


Warm up

Cosmic Kids Yoga



Listen to the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk, stop the story in parts of the story, asking them what they think will happen during the story and what the ending might be.



Talk about the days of the week, what did Jasper find on a Monday etc, can they order the story?

Can your child draw simple pictures of what happened on each day when the seed was planted, growing etc.


Ask your child if they can draw a picture of what they think might be at the top of the beanstalk.


Wellbeing task

Enjoy going for a walk and looking at what plants might be growing in the area.

Home learning Jasper's Beanstalk day 1, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 8th Feb 2021 @ 9:55am

Phonics and Physical Development


Warm up

Joe Wicks



Finish the rhyme

If you have any predictable rhyme books, e.g. and Julia Donaldson books, read these to your child. I will be uploading a predictable rhyme story time too.

Use books with predictable rhymes that children are familiar with and then stop as you come to the final word in the rhyme. Invite children to complete it. Use plenty of intonation and expression as the story or rhyme is recounted.



Use tweezers and work on your fine motor skills,

You could use anything small that you have in the house or in the garden. It could be rice, pasta, beads, buttons, small blocks, shells,leaves etc.

Use your tweezers to pick up the objects and separate them into different containers.



Listen to our Jolly Phonics sounds, practice writing your s, a and t sounds.



Wellbeing task

Have a try at making a new recipe from our pop up pantry, make a video of you making it and upload it to Tapestry.

Home learning Keeping healthy and Growing day 5, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 5th Feb 2021 @ 10:35am

Hi Preschool, keep doing your amazing work and uploading when you can.

Start off today with a warm up with Joe Wicks

Today we are focusing on  Expressive art and design


Today we will be thinking about different patterns and prints we can make using different objects.

If you have any left over fruit that you will not be using and some paint, have a go at printing using different fruits.

If you don’ have paint but you have food colouring you can mix a small amount of flour and water together with the food colouring so it’s a very wet consistency and try painting with that. Can you make a pattern?

What do you notice? If it is an apple can you see the seeds?

An orange/tangerine can you see the segments?

If you are unable to do the painting, try having a go at drawing the Hungry caterpillar and the beautiful butterfly. Can you create a pattern for the caterpillars body using different colours?


Egg box caterpillar,

Can you make a caterpillar using an egg box and some resources from the garden/park or from around your house? Glue on some eyes and antenna and legs.


Well being activity

Make a fruit pizza, using a biscuit as a base and then adding on top your favorite fruit, I like using strawberries and grapes.

Have fun and have a loveky weekend. 

Home learning Keeping healthy and Growing day 4, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 4th Feb 2021 @ 11:21am

Hi Preschool, hope you are enjoying doing all of our activities.

Have a try at starting today with your Cosmic Kids Yoga. 

Today we are focusing on maths.




Today we will be thinking about the days of the week.

Listen to the days of the week song and see if you can recognise any of them.




Now we are going to think about the different food the caterpillar at on each day of the week.


If you are able to draw the different fruits and make labels for the days of the week, encourage your child to place the food in the correct order, on the correct day. Focus on Monday –Friday thinking about the amounts.

1 apple

2  pears

3 plums

4 strawberries

5 oranges



Once you have ordered them correctly have a try at writing out your numbers 1-5.

The number rhymes I posted on Tapestry will help with this.

If you are able, draw the correct amount of fruits with each number, can just be coloured circles or dots or lines.



If you still have the exploratory tray out,from yesterday or would like to make one, ask your child to make a caterpillar using 3 pieces of cucumber/paper whatever you have then ask them to pick a number card and make a caterpillar using the correct amount of circles that correlates to the card.


Well being activity

Draw a picture of you and your family and place it in the memory box. Make sure you ask what colour eyes and hair you and your family have.

Home learning Keeping healthy and Growing day 3, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 3rd Feb 2021 @ 8:37am

Understanding the World

Today we are working on our Understanding the World area of learning.

Before you start, why don't you have a try warming up with Joe Wicks?


Today we will be looking at the change in the caterpillar and then the changes we can see in ourselves

First of all, look at the pictures of the caterpillar throughout the story.

What did he start as? What did he grow in to? What did he do throughout the story to grow into a butterfly?

Can you show your child the video of The Very Hungry Caterpillar again, encourage them to look at the different parts of the lifecycle of a caterpillar.

Why and how do they think that has happened? 

If you are able to, can you show pictures of yourself as a baby, child, teenager, if not is there anyone else in the family that you could show their growth and change through pictures?


Look at the way they have changed by looking at their baby pictures.

What changes can they notice?

Do a hand print using paint or draw around their hand and then do the same to yours. What do they notice about the two?

Do they think they will grow as big as their parent or stay as they are?

What will help them to grow?

Can they draw a picture of themselves as a baby and then a picture of themselves now?



Now that you have seen what you looked like as a baby and what your family looked like, we now need to think about the caterpillar and what they would grow into.

Do you think you could make me a lifecycle of a caterpillar?

You can be as creative as you want. You can draw it, paint it, build it or make it.

I would like to see an egg, a very small caterpillar, a fully grown caterpillar, a cocoon and a butterfly.

I can’t wait to see all your creations.

4. If you would like to have a go at making an exploratory tray, you could use cucumber, tomatoes and raisins to create a caterpillar, go on the hunt for some leaves and twigs and make a habitat for your caterpillar to live in.


Write your name and measure yourself with a piece of string, cut the string and tie it ina bow with your name and the date on. Then place it in your memory box

Home learning Keeping healthy and Growing day 2, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 2nd Feb 2021 @ 1:54pm

Hi preschool,

Today we are doing our literacy lessons, 

We have loved seeing all your work so far so keep up the good work.

I will be posting a story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar tomorrow so watch out for that. 

Here are the activities for today.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

The Very Hungry Caterpillar



Literacy and Communication and Language


Listen to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

Focus on the p sound, can they have a try at writing the sound p?


What food did the caterpillar eat that began with p?

What other food can they think of that begins with p, make a list together.




Now that you have thought about food that begins with p in the story, can you think about your favourite food? Mrs McLaren’s favourite food is pizza, what sound does that begin with?

Can you draw your favourite food and write the initial sound next to it?

Children may need help to write the initial sound so if you could write in yellow, or a lighter colour and the child copy over the letter that would be great.

They can also use the letter board we have sent home to find and recognise the initial sound and have a practice writing over those letters.



Fine motor control


If you have playdough could you make some small balls of playdough?

Then, using your tweezers or kitchen tongs, try to pick up the balls of playdough and place them down next to each other to make a caterpillar. Find something to use as antenna and eyes and legs.

Can you make a big face and mouth for your caterpillar?

The caterpillar is hungry, do you think you could make some food for him and feed him with your tweezers/tongs?



Well being task

Start to create your very own memory box, capturing your time at home with your family.

The first thing you need to do today is find a box and start to decorate it.

Each day we will add something to the b

Home learning Keeping healthy and Growing, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 30th Jan 2021 @ 5:58am

Hi Preschool, we hope you are all doing well.

We miss you lots.

This week and next week we are thinking about Keeping healthy and Growing. 

The book we will be reading this week is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Each day I will be adding the new lesson to this class blog and to Tapestry. Any work you complete please upload to Tapestry and if you are having any problems uploading, please phone the annexe and Mrs McLaren will be happy to talk you through how to upload.

Monday 01.02.21

Todays tasks are to do with phonics and physical development.

We are working on our rhyming today within phonics. 


Rhyming pairs In a pairs game, use pictures or objects with names that rhyme.

If you don't have any rhyming cards you could draw them or just find objects or toys that rhyme.

Here are a few simple ones: mug,rug,bug,jug,slug


                                                  ham, jam, lamb



Take it in turns to turn two cards over and keep them if the pictures are a rhyming pair.If they are not a rhyming pair, the cards are turned face down again and the other person has a turn.

If playing with objects, split the rhyming objects.Place one of each of the rhyming objects outside the box and the other objects inside the box. Pull one object out at a time and match it to the objects outside of the boxt. Again take it in turns  to match the objects. the person with the most pairs at the end wins. 

Start with a small core set of words that can then be extended. The children need to be familiar with the rhyming word families before they can use them in a game – spend time looking at the pictures/objects and talking about the pairs.


Cutting activities. All our children need lots of practice with cutting as it is a very hard skill to master.

Encourage your child to work on their cutting skills, focusing on how they hold their scissors and what hand they hold their scissors in.


Above just a simple video to help your child learn how to hold scissors proerly and cut.

Different resources you can use to help with their cutting skills is playdough, straws, paper, bread and card.


Hide and seek game

Promotes listening and attention and language skills and prepositional language, e.g. on top of, underneath, next to and behind.

Use some of your child’s favourite toys and hide them around the room before your child comes in.

Encourage your child to find the toys, following your instructions e.g. it is underneath something blue. Once they have found all the toys re-set the game focusing on the prepositions they found the hardest.

Allow your child to then hide them and encourage them to use the prepositional language to explain where the toys are.

You could incorporate some rhyming in here too if you are able by placing items that rhyme by each other, e.g. a mug on a rug, a hat on a mat etc.  


Well being activity

If you haven’t already, pick up a baking set from our pop up pantry open from 10-11 am and enjoy doing some baking.



Reading at Home, by Miss Flynn

Date: 6th Jan 2021 @ 2:10pm

Happy New Year to all of our Pupils, Parents and Families!

Just a quick reminder that there is a wide range of Reading Books available for you to read at home.

There are books to read as a family and staged reading books which are pitched at all ability levels so that the children can continue to practise their reading at home.


All eBooks are tablet-friendly. Just register using the above link (for free) to start reading. New users: please activate your registration by clicking the link in your confirmation email.

Keep reading!

Miss Flynn laugh

Foundation Stage 1 Weekly Tasks: Week 11, by Miss McNamee

Date: 25th Jun 2020 @ 8:47am

Hello Preschool,


We miss you lots and hope that you are keeping well at home.

This week for your home learning tasks, you will be learning about People Who Help Us. Can you think of anyone who helps you? 

We tend to think of people like police officers, doctors, paramedic, firefighters and teachers. 

Task 1: Learn your address and practise what you would say if you were ever in an emergency and needed to call 999. 

Task 2: Create your own emergency vehicle. Think about its features - sirens, hosepipes and ladders, bright colours. You could make your vehicles out of old boxes, bottle top lids and cardboard tubes. 

Task 3: Make your own people who help up costume. You could borrow an adult's hat to be a helmet or a shirt to be a doctor's coat. Pretend you are the person who is helping. What would you do? What would you say?

Task 4: If 5 children are waiting to cross the road and the lollipop person takes 2 children across, how many are left to cross? You could draw a picture or use your fingers to help you work out the answer!


Please keep sending in your pictures of your fantastic work to our school Facebook page - we love to see what you are all up to at home.

Preschool Team  

Pre-School Tasks, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 27th May 2020 @ 12:31pm

Blog Ideas - Pirates


 Hi preschool,

We hope you are keeping safe and enjoying the sunshine.

We are continuing with our topic about pirates this week. Have you been having fun with the activities Miss McNamee gave you last week? This week we thought you could:

Task 1 Make your own pirate ship using different containers. Find out if they will float or do they sink? You could even give them a pirate flag.

Task 2 If you haven’t made a treasure chest yet why not make one out of egg cartons. Decorate it and put some coins in and count them. Can you count them out as you share them with your family?

Task 3 Google the pirate song ‘Over the Deep Blue Sea’ and have fun joining in with the words and actions. Colour a piece of paper black and make yourself an eye patch to wear. Use a piece of string to fasten it.

Task 4 Can you think of your own pirate name and write it? Mine is Boots McLaren, Mrs Hayes’s name is Captain Hayes Peg-Leg and Miss McNamee’s name is Matey McNamee

Have fun. See you soon xxx

Foundation Stage 1 Weekly Tasks: Week 8, by Miss McNamee

Date: 20th May 2020 @ 2:24pm

Hi children,

We hope you are OK. This week we are going to learn about Pirates! ARRRR!
We have found some lovely pirate activities for you to do whilst you're at home.

Task 1: Pirates love to hide their treasure! Pretend you have hidden some treasure in your garden, can you make a map to lead someone in your house to the hidden treasure? I will put some picture examples for you below.

Task 2: Use some old boxes, packaging and other materials to make a pirate accessory. It could be a treasure chest, a telescope, a sword or maybe even a parrot!

Task 3: Can you think of some more words that start with the 'p' sound?

Task 4: Design a flag for your very own pirate ship. 

We can't wait to see you soon and see all of your tasks. Please keep sending them into us.

Take care,
F1 Team

Pre-School Home Learning Week 7, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 14th May 2020 @ 5:39pm

Pre-School Tasks week 6, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 13th May 2020 @ 2:29pm

Hi everyone, Mrs McLaren here.

Hope you are all OK.

We are missing you lots, but we are really enjoying seeing your photographs of the activities you are doing. 

This week we are going to read the story of Little Red RidingHood

Once we have read the story we would like you to take part in some tasks. 

Task 1: Draw a picture and write the name of your fairy tale character and have a try at writing their name. My favourite is the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk and the Cheeky Gingerbread Man. 

Task 2: Make a mask for the Big Bad Wolf using materials you can find around the home, making sure you make big, ears, big eyes and BIG TEETH RRRRRR.

Task 3: Make a fruit basket up for granny. As you do, count how many of each fruit or vegetable you are putting in.

Task 4: Ask your family to help you act out the story of Little Red Ridinghood and maybe tthinnk about a different ending to the story. Try to wear your mask. 

We can't wait to see you soon and see all of your tasks. 

Please send them in to us. 

Take care, 

F1 Team. 


Foundation Stage 1 Weekly Tasks: Week 5, by Miss McNamee

Date: 6th May 2020 @ 1:33pm

Hi children,

We hope that you have enjoyed your fairy tasks this week - did any fairies come into your garden?

We have seen some fantastic photographs of your work so far! Please do keep sending these in, we love to see how you are getting on.

This week, we are moving on from fairies to fairy tales! Here are some tasks for you to have a go at: 

Task 1: Listen to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. What did Goldilocks do in the Bears' house? What happened when the Bears came home? Try to retell the story to someone at home. Can you using different voices for the different characters? Maybe you could make some puppets to use help you to retell the story!

Task 2: Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear each had a bowl of porridge. How many bowls of porridge did they have altogether? You could use your fingers or draw pictures to help you to work out the answer.

Task 3: Goldilocks and the Three Bears love eating porridge! Try making some porridge with a grown-up. Why don't you add some different toppings onto your porridge - you could try jam, fruit or honey. Do you like porridge? 

Task 4: Baby Bear loves to sleep in bed with his favourite teddy bear. Do you have a favourite teddy bear or toy? Draw or paint a picture of yours!


We cannot wait to see the photographs of your porridge, puppets and lovely drawings! Please send them to the school facebook page or email. We look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Keep washing those hands,

F1 Team xxx

Pre-School Tasks Week 5, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 27th Apr 2020 @ 1:29pm

Hi pre-school,

Hope you are all having lots of fun taking part in the activities we are setting you.

We have seen some fantastic photographs of your work so far, so please keep sending these in. We love to see how you are getting on.

This week we are setting you some very exciting tasks. We would like you to create your own fairy garden in your house.

Task 1: Google fairy gardens and look at the pictures for some ideas.

Task 2: Draw and design your fairy garden, maybe you could create a fairy door and a place for your fairies to sit?

Task 3: Using the recipe below, make some salt dough and start to make your fairy garden, using your design help you. Bake this in the oven and you can then decorate using whatever materials you have. This could be paint, felt tips etc. 

Task 4: Can you create some signs for your fairy garden using numbers and letters, 

examples of this could be:  making a number for your fairy door, 

                                            making a sign post saying "my fairy garden"


We can't wait to see the photographs of your fairy garden that you can send to the school facebook page or email and we look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Take care of each other. 

F1 Team xxx

Salt dough recipe

1 cup plain flour

1/2 cup salt

1/2 cup of water

Mix and make your fairy garden shapes.

preheat the oven to its lowest setting

Place dough shapes on grease proof paper.

Bake in the oven on a low heat for about 3 hours, until it is hard.

The alternative is to leave it to air dry which takes a few days.

Leave to cool before you decorate.

Have fun xxx

Foundation Stage 1 Weekly Tasks: Week 4, by Miss McNamee

Date: 22nd Apr 2020 @ 2:09pm


Hi Pre-School

We hope you’re all well and enjoying the lovely sunshine. We have got some more tasks for you to complete this week. We have started learning about the Circus.

Task 1- Literacy task

Can you make some signs for your roleplay Circus? You could use your mark making skills to write ‘jugglers this way’ or ‘elephants here’ - make sure you tell an adult what your signs say.

Task 2 – Maths task

Can you make entrance tickets for your circus? You can use your literacy skills by writing words or your maths skills by putting a price on the tickets. Maybe you could use coins as part of your roleplay to help with your counting and number recognition.


DIY circus tent- fortune teller booth? | Tent, Backyard canopy ...

Task 3- Physical development

 Can you balance or spin a plastic plate like a circus performer? You could use the plastic bottles that Miss McLaren asked you to keep to play a bowling game too. Use your maths skills to count how long you can balance the plate for or how many bottles you’re able to knock down.

Spinning the Physics - How Plate Spinning Works | HowStuffWorks


Task 4 – Understanding the world

Could you watch the greatest showman with your family? This will give you an understanding of what a circus is and the different performers.  

I would love to see some pictures or videos of you performing to the songs from the film.  


Enjoy your week with your family. We can't wait to see all your tasks, please do send any pictures of your tasks to the schools website or facebook page.


See you soon,

Miss McNamee

Pre-School Tasks week 3, by Miss Mclaren

Date: 13th Apr 2020 @ 1:24pm

Hi Pre-School

Hope you had a very HOPPY Easter and enjoyed the sunshine.

We have got some more tasks for you to complete this week.

We are going to be learning all about the Circus so.....

Task 1- Can you find out what a circus is and what happens at the circus including all the different circus performers. Maybe you could  google them to see what they look like and how they perform?

Task 2- Maths task

            Can you create a tight rope walk on the floor using chalk, your mums dressing gown tie or belt, count how many steps you can do whilst keeping your balance. Good luck!

Task 3 Literacy task

         Can you match the initial sounds to the different circus acts, repeating the sounds and learning the new circus vocabulary?

trapeze artist



stilt walker


Task 4- Can you make a circus tent den and create your own circus act, maybe you could be a clown or a juggler or a trapeze artist?

Enjoy your week with your family. We can't wait to see all your tasks, send any pictures of your tasks in to the school website. We would love to see your best clown costumes. 

If you have any plastic bottles, please keep them for some of your tasks next week. 

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