Our Vision

Our curriculum is our aspiration for our children.


We have high expectations of all our children enabling each and every one of them to reach their full potential.

We will enable our children to gain a deeper understanding of our topics by inspiring learning and providing challenge.

Our children will enjoy learning and will become experiential and active learners.

We will have confident, resilient, independent children who are not afraid to take risks.

Our children will be enthusiastic, excited, engaged and motivated.

They will feel happy and safe.

Our children will be well rounded individuals with a strong moral compass who are prepared for life in modern Britain.

Our school community will be respectful.

Our staff will be positive role models who are knowledgeable, inspirational, reflective and empathetic. They will know their children and enable them in their learning journey.

Our environment will be stimulating and safe. It will be conducive to learning, enabling and accessible. Our children will be exposed to a rich learning environment beyond the classroom.

We will provide high quality resources to inspire and stimulate learning. Resources will be readily available to enable and scaffold learning.                                                                                  

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