Cookery and Baking

Cookery and Baking 


All children from Foundation to Year 6 will have  cookery and Baking lessons with Miss Evans in our purpose built and child friendly kitchen. 

Foundation children will enjoy baking and tasting sessions in their classrooms during Autumn to fit around their learning. The children will come to main school to bake after Christmas. 

We will plan interesting and varied cooking and bakery recipes for the children to prepare. Our aim is that the children will leave our school having learnt to cook a wide range of dishes and acquired skills of food preparation. 

We want the children to begin to understand the principles of nutrition, healthy eating, seasonality and where their food comes from during their time with us. But most importantly we hope to instil in them an appreciation and love of real food and cooking, both offering them a vehicle for their creativity and teaching them a crucial life skill that will serve them well in the future. 

We are passionate about food and cooking and believe strongly that we should pass on our enthusiasm, knowledge and skills to the next generation. We are thrilled that our children always fully embrace every opportunity we offer!!

Check out the Cookery and Baking pictures in our Gallery 2021 / 2022 

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