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Year 1 Vlog 19/01/21, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 19th Jan 2021 @ 8:24am

Year 1 Vlog 18/01/21, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 18th Jan 2021 @ 9:05am

Year 1 Vlog 15/01/21, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 15th Jan 2021 @ 8:07am

Year 1 Vlog 14/01/21, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 14th Jan 2021 @ 8:18am

Year 1 Home Learning Vlog - Tuesday 12th January, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 12th Jan 2021 @ 8:00am

Hi Year 1!

Hope you're all okay!

Mr Chamberlain has done a vlog just to say hello!

Year 1 Monday 11th January Home Learning Blog, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 11th Jan 2021 @ 8:19am

Year 1 Friday 8th January Home Learning Blog, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 8th Jan 2021 @ 8:48am

Reading at Home, by Miss Flynn

Date: 6th Jan 2021 @ 2:10pm

Happy New Year to all of our Pupils, Parents and Families!

Just a quick reminder that there is a wide range of Reading Books available for you to read at home.

There are books to read as a family and staged reading books which are pitched at all ability levels so that the children can continue to practise their reading at home.

All eBooks are tablet-friendly. Just register using the above link (for free) to start reading. New users: please activate your registration by clicking the link in your confirmation email.

Keep reading!

Miss Flynn laugh

Anti-bullying week, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 18th Nov 2020 @ 1:04pm

This week the whole school have been celebrating our differences with an 'odd socks' week. In Year 1, we have watched an assembly about bullying and made posters to persuade people to be kind to others. It has been great to see lots of children participating, and wearing their odd socks every day! Let's keep it going for the rest of the week!

Year 1 Spellings 28/09/20, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 28th Sep 2020 @ 2:52pm

Please find attached the Year 1 Spellings for this week!

Good luck!


Year 1 Spellings 21/09/20, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 21st Sep 2020 @ 2:27pm

Here are Year 1's spellings for the week beginning 21/09/20!

Year 1 Spellings 14/09/20, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 14th Sep 2020 @ 7:16pm

Attached are this week's spellings for Year 1!

Good luck!

Year 1 Edible Garden, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 10th Sep 2020 @ 4:41pm

Our Science topic this half term is all about plants! Today Year 1 went on a plant hunt in the school's edible garden and investigated what plants we could spot!

We had a great time exploring the garden and finding the fruits and vegetables that are growing in there!

Mr Chamberlain & Miss Dunlop

Year 1 History Photos, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 9th Sep 2020 @ 8:58pm

Hello Year 1 Parents and Carers!

As your child begins the subject of History this year, our first topic for this half-term is ‘My History’, where the children will be looking back at their life and making a timeline.

To support this topic, we would like 2 photos of your child, one as a baby and one as a toddler (we can take the photos of them now!)

As we are unable to ask you to bring the photos in to school, we are asking for you to email them to us and we can print them for your child to make their timeline in school.

Please could you email your photos to by Friday 25th September. This email address is only for sending photos and any other communication should be passed through the school office.

Miss Dunlop and Mr Chamberlain

Year One Challenges Week 14, by Mrs Carroll

Date: 10th Jul 2020 @ 10:08pm


Hello Year One!

Can you believe this is the last time you will be called ‘Year One’? This is our final week before the summer holidays and when you come back to school in September you will be called ‘Year Two’. How grown-up is that?

This week we would like you to think back over your time in Year One and make a little booklet with these pages in it:

  • My Teachers in Year One
  • My Friends in Year One
  • My classroom looked like this….
  • My favourite lesson…
  • I was really good at…..
  • I had to try hard with….
  • I learned how to….
  • We went on a visit to….
  • In the Christmas Play I was…

Have a good think about each page and draw a picture and write a sentence or some words to go with it. It will be something nice for you to keep to remember your time in Year One.

Finally we would like you to think ahead to September and write a short letter to your new class teacher (whoever they may be! Hopefully you will find out very soon!) In the letter tell them as much as you can about yourself: your name , your age, your family, what you like to do, what you are good at, what you are looking forward to and also tell them anything you are a little bit worried about. Then draw them a fantastic picture of yourself. Make sure you send it to us here at school and we will pass your letter on to your new teacher so that they know all about you before you start in September.

Finally, can we just say that it was wonderful to work with you in Year One and we are so sorry that we haven’t seen you for so long and that we didn’t get to do all the lovely things we wanted to do this term. Have a lovely summer and good luck for September! Make sure you come and say ‘Hello’ to us, when you can.

Take care and stay safe,

Lots of love from all your teachers in Year One


Year One Challenges Week 13, by Mrs Carroll

Date: 4th Jul 2020 @ 11:11pm

Year One Weekly Challenges.

Week 13


Hello Year 1! It has been lovely seeing lots of familiar faces this week but we are still missing our Year 1’s at home. Here are some tasks to keep you busy!

In school this week we have been finding out about SPACE!



We would like you to create your own planet! What would your planet look like? What would it be made of? Does anyone live on your planet? Remember to use lots of describing words. Don’t forget capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


Keep looking at your phonics and your tricky words.



Please look at your number bonds to ten. If you feel confident with them move on to number bonds to 20. We played a number bond bingo game. Each person chose 4 numbers 0-10, I then called out a number e.g. 3 and they would have to match it with a 7 to make the correct number bond to 10. Have fun!

Could you order the planets in size?





While we were looking at the planets we learnt that many of the planets have moons. So we investigated and found out that the first man to walk on the moon was Neil Armstong along with his fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

How Long is a Day on the Moon? - Universe Today


We would like you to find out more about this amazing adventure, what year did they go to the moon, what was the rocket called, what did they leave on the moon?

Have fun with all your challenges.

Keep safe!

Mrs Fitzgerald, Ms Carney and Mrs Carroll.



Year One Weekly Tasks: Week 11, by Mrs Carney

Date: 24th Jun 2020 @ 10:27am

It's been lovely to welcome back so many of you this morning and we've had a great time catching up again.  

Here are this weeks challenges!


National Writing Day Challenge:


You are going to take part in a 24/7 challenge.


There are just three rules:

1. You are going to write a brilliant 24-word short story.

2. Your story must start with the words ‘One day’.

3. You will write it in just 7 minutes!

It’s a challenge, but don’t worry – this lesson will guide you step by step so you’re ready to make the most of those precious 7 minutes!


Follow this link to your challenge and step by step guidance:

  National Writing Day | 24 June 2020                                          



Please share the story of The Rainbow Fish. If you have this story at home then please use the book. If not, please watch this video of the story Once you have read the story or watched the video, please discuss the vocabulary on the word mat below, and complete the two activities below.  

 Activity 1

Complete the Rainbow Fish book review. Discuss with a grown up what you like about the story, and how you think it could be even better. Can you work out the hidden message behind the story?

 Activity 2

Can you fix the Rainbow Fish sentences? Words are spelt incorrectly, and they are missing capital letters and full stops. Use the story to help you.



Can you complete the capacity activity using the document below? Your grown up's at home will use the questions to challenge you. I have also included a vocabulary mat to discuss the key vocabulary. If you think you are ready for it, try the challenge cards too (they are trickier!)



Here are some of the songs that we enjoyed together when we were in school. Please revisit and recap our previous learning. They are very helpful, and I bet you could show your grown up's what you know. 





Florence Nightingale - The Lady with the Lamp

Use the powerpoint below to learn about Florence Nightingale. 

Here is a video about her life too

Listen to this song, I know you will enjoy it.

Discuss with a grown up who she was, why she was famous, and what you think about her. Please complete the 3 activities below.

 Activity 1

Use the sorting cards to discuss with a grown up whether the pictures were 'before' Florence Nightingale arrived, or 'after'. If you do not have a printer, discuss them on the screen.

 Activity 2

Complete the hospital improvement activity. Match the problem that Florence Nightingale was faced with, to the solution she found. What do you think about her as a nurse?

 Activity 3

Florence Nightingale used a lamp when nursing as there was no access to electricity back then. Create a lamp of your own, and test it out in the dark. Try to be creative, and send me a photograph of your finished piece.

Once you have finished the above 3 activities, you can choose some of these below if you wish.



Wassily Kandinsky — 50 Most popular paintings

Use the Powerpoint slides to learn how to mix colours, tints and shades. Use paints to paint circles in the style of Wassily Kandinsky. Please send me photographs of your wonderful artwork.



Year One Challenges Week 10, by Mrs Carroll

Date: 11th Jun 2020 @ 9:07am

Year One Challenges   Week 10

English: We hope you enjoyed the story of the Singing Mermaid last week! This week we would like you to look at the book/listen to the story online again and see if you can notice some rhyming words. When words rhyme they sound the same eg cat and hat, pig and dig. How many pairs of rhyming words can you find in the story? Ask a grown up to help you write some of them down and notice which letters are the same in both of the rhyming words eg cat, hat and pig, dig. Make a list of words that rhyme with these:

                     ring        way         fill        dog

Now can you use two of your rhyming words to write silly sentences? Eg The cat had a new hat.   The pig likes to dig.

Look out for rhyming words when you are reading your own books too!


Maths: This week we are thinking about position, direction and movement.The mermaid was kept inside a tank and she rode on a horse. Can you use one of your toys to show your grown up that you know what all these words mean?

on top of   next to    underneath   near    between   in front of     inside

       behind      on the left of    on the right of     outside



Then have a look around your house and garden and see how many things you can find that move in these ways:

 forwards and backwards      left to right (or right to left)

       up and down         round and round

Draw pictures to show what you found!


Science: We have been learning about materials and this week we would like you to find out what the word waterproof means. Can you think of anything that needs to be waterproof? Can you find some different materials eg paper, a towel, silver foil, a plastic bag and think of a test you could do to see if they are waterproof.   shows a simple test you could do. Now draw pictures of objects that need to be waterproof.

Art: Have a look online at Red Ted Art and try making yourself a paper plate mermaid twirler









Don’t forget to keep reading and practicing your Phonics too!

BBC Bitesize Phonics Phase 3 has lots of short video clips to remind you of the sounds we have learned and games to help you practice them.

Have a lovely week and make sure you stay safe!

Year One Weekly Tasks: Week 8, by Mrs Carney

Date: 26th May 2020 @ 7:41pm

Hi Children,

This week we would like you to focus your work around a short animation found on

You will need to watch the short clip in order to complete the different tasks. When it all seems blue, happiness may be close by… if you just look closely at your surroundings perhaps you will find it! Gabby is walking on the beach and finds a bottle of bubbles - when she blows it she gets transported into fantasy. She has fun riding on bubbles and meets people and things on her way.


Writing opportunities: Choose from one or more of the following ideas:

· Write a description of the beach.

· Write the story told in the film.

· Choose a creature that lives in the sea and write a fact file about it.

· Write a poem about Gabby’s adventure in the sea.

Don't forget to use your senses to add detail!


In the animation, Gabby is on the beach.  Draw a picture of a beach and label all the features e.g. beach, cliff, coast, ocean, port, harbour etc.

Look at aerial photographs of the UK and find some seaside towns. Would you rather live at the coast or in the city? Why? 

12 Best Seaside Towns to Visit Near London

Art Opportunities:

· Paint an underwater scene.

· Make an underwater world on a paper plate

· Draw the outline of a fish and use something (such as a piece of celery) to print the scales

· Put some water, washing up liquid and paint into a cup. Use a straw to blow bubbles and then put a piece of paper over the top to take a print. Try using different colours and fill the paper.

DIY: Soap Bubble Art | Personalize your Notebooks! - Makoccino

Science Investigation:

Follow the link below to find out about the Science Museum’s special bubble mixture recipe, make some amazing bubble blowers… and create some really big bubbles!

Can you make a really big bubble?

• Can you invent a new type of bubble blower?

• Which bubble blower makes the best bubble? What makes it so good?

Hope you have lots of fun with this week's activities! 



Challenges Week 7, by Mrs Carroll

Date: 18th May 2020 @ 4:41pm

Year One Challenge Tasks   Week 7

Hi, Year One! This week we are going to be learning a new word: SIMILIES. You already use similies without even realising it! Have a look at this video which explains what they are:

Now you know what a simile is we would like you to think of as many as you can. Lots of similies mention animals: can you use each of these animals in a simile?

mouse        lion       snail        kitten      monkey

            giraffe           elephant        fox          owl

Remember to use the word   like    or   as   in your similes. Can you write some of them down in your neatest handwriting?

Now read the book Quick As A Cricket by Audrey Wood (you can find it online) and see how many similies you can spot….there are LOTS!!

In MATHS this week we are learning about CAPACITY and VOLUME.  Begin by reading the story: Mr Archimedes’ Bath (available online) and use the language: empty, nearly empty, half full, nearly full and full to describe how much water is in his bath. Then you can have fun filling containers, using water outside if the weather is nice, or maybe pasta or rice and write labels to say how much is in each container (full, empty, half full etc).Can you put them in order from empty to full? Use an egg cup or an empty yoghurt pot to count how many cups of water or pasta it takes to fill different containers; put them in order too. Compare two containers and explain to a grown up which one holds more/less and tell them how you know. You could also find out the names of the units we use to measure capacity and volume ( Clue:look at the labels on bottles!)


In Science we have started to think about Materials. This week we would like you to find lots of different objects and test them to see if they float or sink. You could do this in a paddling pool or maybe in the bath, or just ask for a bowl of water: but make sure there is a grown-up around to keep an eye on you while you do this!                                                             

Create a table (see below) to show your results. Draw each object you tested in the correct part of the table and write a label to say what it is. Think about what each object is made from. What have you found out by doing this investigation? Do all wooden objects float? Do all metal objects sink? Do all big objects sink? Do all small objects float?

Float Sink






Watch CBeebies:Why Do Things Sink And Float?

Then have a go at making your own boat and test it to see if it floats!

Have fun and stay safe!

Poe: Context How to make a boat ks1

20 Boat Craft Ideas

Year One Challenges Week 6, by Mrs Carroll

Date: 15th May 2020 @ 10:09pm

Year One Challenge Tasks Week 6

This week we are looking at how to write a postcard to our friends or family. I know we haven’t been able to visit anywhere lately but have a think of somewhere you have been or would like to go. When we write a postcard, we need to include some writing about what you have been doing on your holiday and write the name and address of who you are sending it to.

Ask a grown-up to help you look for examples and show you where to put the stamp. Have you learnt your address yet? Maybe this week you could learn your phone number too!


See the source image


For Maths we are looking at money. Using different coins e.g. 1p, 2p, 5p, can you find ways of making 10p, 20p, 50p and £1. How many variations can you create?

If you have time you could create a little holiday shop. Draw some pictures of items you might buy on holiday, ice-creams, drinks, toys and souvenirs. You could then put prices on them and play shop with another member of your family.


See the source image

In History, we are looking at holidays in the past. Can you find some old pictures of holiday destinations? Have a look at the similarities and differences. What is your favourite thing to do on holiday? the source image

We hope you are all keeping well and enjoying time with your families.

From all your Year One Teachers.

Year 1 Home Learning Week 6, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 14th May 2020 @ 5:41pm

Year One Challenges Week 5, by Mrs Carroll

Date: 4th May 2020 @ 11:32am

Year One Challenge Tasks Week 5

Write  a letter to Rapunzel telling her about all the things she is missing while she is trapped in her tower. Tell her about the places you like to visit (when we are allowed out!) and the things you like to do with your family and friends.

Ask a grown-up to show you how to set out a letter, with your address and date at the top and starting with ‘Dear Rapunzel’

When we send a letter to someone we have to  write their address on the envelope. Do you know your address? If not, try to learn it. Find out the addresses of other members of your family too!

When you go out for your daily exercise , have a look at the number on your front door and then look at the number on the house next door. What do you notice? House numbers don’t go up in 1’s, they go in 2’s. Practise counting in 2’s. Start from 2 and see how far you can count. Try this game…it is against the clock so you need to be quick!

You can also practice counting  in 2’s from 1 (1,3,5) and in 10’s (forwards from 10 and then back from 100 to 0). If you want to try something harder, try counting in 5’s too! Remember that a Hundred Square will help you if you get stuck.

sorting materials experimentScience: Materials:

Gather together some of your toys and see if you can name the material each one is made from.

Look around the house and garden and see how many things you can find that are made from metal, wood, plastic, fabric, paper, glass. Draw some of them and think about why they are made from these materials. Why is your table not made from paper? Why is the window made from glass?

Ask a grown up to put some objects into a bag or a box and without peeping put your hand in and see if you can guess what each object is. How does it feel? What is it made from?

Watch this video clip and have a go at making your very own Rapunzel bookmark. You only need some card, wool or string, pens or crayons and glue. Don’t forget to send us a photo!


Year One Weekly Tasks: Week 4, by Mrs Carney

Date: 22nd Apr 2020 @ 2:09pm

Hello Children,

We hope you are all well and having lots of fun!


Watch our Rapunzel story again or perhaps find a different version to remind yourselves of the story.  

Activity 1:  In the story Rapunzel's father takes lettuce from the witch's house.  Lettuce grows in the ground so look at other plants or vegetables that grow in the ground,  Watch the videos below and find out what seeds need to grow into plants.

See if you can grow something at home.  Look at how it changes over time.  Use a diary to keep track of the changes it goes through.  


Activity 2:  Role play

Think about the different characters in the story of Rapunzel and have a go at practicing then performing the story to your family members.  You could select some of your toys to play the characters and have a go at changing your voice for the different characters.  Or perhaps you could ask some of the other people in your house to be different characters.  Experiment with different costumes or props to really get into your performance!  

Make sure you video your story to enjoy watching later!


Activity 3:  Maths - Measureing

Rapunzel's hair was very long - Human's hair grows 15cm in a year, this is about the size of a small ruler. Find things around the house that are longer/shorter than 15cm. Use a ruler or a tape measure to precisely measure.  Remember to start from 0. Find out the name of the unit bigger than cm and how many cms it is equal to. Draw some things you would measure using this bigger unit.

has an amusing video. (Mr Pumpernickel) 

Activity 4:

'There was a princess long ago' video clip.  

Try to learn the words and actions and maybe get your family to join in!


You could also create a tower for Rapunzel, using construction or a tube (see picture)







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