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Week 14 - Home Learning, by Miss Hanton-Wise

Date: 2nd Jul 2020 @ 11:44am

This week we want you to have a look at SPACERinged planet!



~imagine~ you are an alien visiting Earth... Can you write a diary entry describing your time on Earth. Where did you land? What did you do? Who did you meet? Did you enjoy yourself? Why? How did you get back?

Have a look at something exciting....What the NASA Space Telescope 'Hubble' saw on the day you were born! Click the link and find the Month and Day of your to see it!


Have a go at re-creating your own


As the time is coming closer to you coming back to school, we would like to hear what you are looking forward to the most!


Double exclamation mark

Who can be the first to work out and send to Miss Wise or Miss Flynn

Double exclamation mark

: How many DAYS you have not spent in school since March 20th 2020. How many WEEKS you have not spent in school since March 20th 2020.

School satchel


Birkenhead Priory Project, by Miss Flynn

Date: 19th Jun 2020 @ 12:55pm

St.Mary's Church Birkenhead: History of the Priory and St. Mary's ...Happy Friday Year 2! This week please create a project on Birkenhead Priory. How you present your project is up to you! Please send pictures/videos of your work. Use this link to help and click on the attached picture for more details.

Miss Flynn :)


Year 2 Birkenhead Priory Project

Research the following…..

-Use the website to research the history of Birkenhead Priory

-Create a timeline of key events including only the most important dates/events.

-Find out what a Prior is and what their role was?

-What was a Monk and what responsibilities did they have?

-What was a working day like for Monks?

-What was a religious day like for Monks?

-Which Royals visited the Priory and when?

Year 2 Home Learning Week 10, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 4th Jun 2020 @ 2:05pm

Year 2 Home Learning Week 9, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 28th May 2020 @ 8:10pm

Year 2 Home Learning Week 5, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 30th Apr 2020 @ 3:01pm

Year 2 Home Learning Week 4, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 23rd Apr 2020 @ 2:42pm

Year 2 Home Learning Week 3, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 10:19am

Year 2 Home Learning Week 2, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 9th Apr 2020 @ 3:03pm

Time Capsule, by Miss Flynn

Date: 9th Apr 2020 @ 11:08am

Hi Everyone,

As this is a strange time for us all, it will be useful to make a note for how your feeling, what you're doing and how you're family adapting.We have attached a booklet that you can complete to keep as a time stamp of everything that is going on right now. 

See you soon, keep safe,

Miss wise laugh

Fairy Garden, by Miss Flynn

Date: 9th Apr 2020 @ 11:01am

With beautiful weather on the way, why not create an Easter or Spring themed fairy garden in an old pot!

Don't forget to tweet or email your pictures or your creations!

Floating Forest, by Miss Flynn

Date: 9th Apr 2020 @ 10:50am

Why not try and make your own floating forest?

Save the tops of your veg from this Sunday's roast, place in a tray with water and watch the magic happen!

Add any toy animal figurines and you've got your very own floating forest! (Takes 2 -3 weeks to fully grow?)

Flower Pressing, by Miss Flynn

Date: 9th Apr 2020 @ 10:49am

Has anyone noticed how beautiful the Spring flowers are looking?

Why not have a go at pressing some and saving them to make decorations or stick on the front of home made greetings cards?

Don't forget to tweet us your pressed flowers!

Miss Wise laugh

Hand Animals, by Miss Flynn

Date: 9th Apr 2020 @ 10:37am

Why not teach your family how to draw amazing animals using your hands as a template?!

Ask an adult to show you the following tutorial on Facebook and don't forget to tweet or email us your masterpieces!


Easter Pine Cone Decorations, by Miss Flynn

Date: 9th Apr 2020 @ 10:31am

How are you all finding your one hour of exercise a day? On your next walk, why not keep your eye out for some pine cones and once back at home have a go at creating these cute Easter decorations!! Don't forget to tweet  @OurLadyStEdwY2 or email a picture!

Miss Wise laugh

Year Two Weekly Update, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 31st Mar 2020 @ 2:19pm

The Wright Brother's Plane Activity, by Miss Flynn

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 4:52pm

What do you remember about the Wright Brothers?

Why not share any key facts that you remember with your family - I am sure they will be impressed!

You could make a poster to advertise the first flight!?

Then, using an old wooden peg and some lolly sticks, why not create your own model plane!

Miss Flynn cool

Giant Snakes and Ladders Game, by Miss Flynn

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 4:36pm

Why not get the whole family involved in a giant game of 'Snakes and Ladders'!?

Try writing the numbers in digits and in words- take care with your spelling!!!

Don't forget to tweet your game and tell us who won!

Miss Flynn laugh

Dinosaur Landscape Task, by Miss Flynn

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 4:28pm

Like dinosaurs?

Why not line up your toy dinosaurs and create a 'Jurassic Landscape'- you could then google facts about each of the dinosaurs and add your facts to your masterpiece!

Don't forget to add colour to make it look even better!

Miss Flynn yes

Elmer the Elephant Task, by Miss Flynn

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 4:02pm

Hi Year 2! 

I hope you're all well and keeping busy at home!

Here is a fun task for you to complete at home!

Why not read one of your favourite Elmer the Elephant stories and then create your very own Elmer using an old milk carton and tissue paper?! You will need some glue too - don't forget to check your packs that were sent home from school you should have some in there! (See pictures below!)

Don't forget to tweet or tag our school Facebook page with your finished masterpieces!

Good Luck!

Miss Flynn laugh

Chester Zoo, by Miss Flynn

Date: 16th Dec 2019 @ 9:58am

Year 2 are on our way to Chester Zoo! We are so excited!! 🤩

Cakes, cakes, cakes!, by Miss Flynn

Date: 6th Dec 2019 @ 2:10pm

We were so happy when Santa’s little helpers (Ms Coward and her elf) delivered lots of delicious cakes to us today! Thank You!

Elf Day for the Alzheimer’s Society , by Miss Flynn

Date: 6th Dec 2019 @ 9:13am

We had a fantastic day today dressed as elves! Whilst having fun, we remembered how important it is to help charities like the Alzheimer’s Society who support individuals and their families suffering with dementia. We also learnt about how important it is to continue research into dementia in order to hopefully find a cure ❤️.

Della Robbia Pottery, by Miss Flynn

Date: 5th Dec 2019 @ 1:35pm

Year 2 have been studying Della Robbia Pottery. We visited The Williamson Art Gallery and admired the colours and patterns used. We were fascinated by what some of the pottery was used for!!

Back at school we designed and made some of our own using clay! It was really fun!  

Year 2 Williamson Art Gallery Trip, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 4th Nov 2019 @ 10:10am

Last month Year 2 had a fantastic trip to the Williamson Art Gallery! We explored the museum and had a look at their fantastic collection of Della Robbia pottery. We even had some practise coming up with some designs of our own.
This term Year 2 have been learning all about Della Robbia and will be working to make some of their own Della Robbia inspired pottery very soon! 

We can't wait to see what they come up with! Thanks to everyone at the Williamson Art Gallery for all their help on a fantastic trip.

Year 2 Come and Share, by Mr Chamberlain

Date: 3rd Oct 2019 @ 2:36pm

Year 2 had a fantastic time with parents during our Come and Share. We have been learning about where we live and have been studying the United Kingdom and Europe. Children could identify the countries and capital cities compentently and knew which flags formed the Union Jack. Thanks for coming!


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