Time For A Story - Day 9

Date: 11th Apr 2020 @ 5:36pm

Dear All

Happy Easter Saturday to everyone! It is a strange kind of Easter isn't it? But I do hope that you have found a safe way to enjoy a little of the sunshine and you are being creative with your time - if you are stuck for ideas of things to do make sure that you check out your year group blogs by your teachers. They all miss you terribly and send their love this easter time.

Today's story is about a revolting dinner lady - fortunately I have only ever met wonderful people who cook and serve our school dinners so this was not an easy one for me to relate too! Please enjoy and watch out for my cat Nelly who clearly does not enjoy my Nasty dinner lady voice. Wait until you see what she does!!!

Until tomorrow - Stay safe, stay smiling and stay kind.

Love from Mrs P X

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