Week 14 - Home Learning

Date: 2nd Jul 2020 @ 11:44am

This week we want you to have a look at SPACERinged planet!



~imagine~ you are an alien visiting Earth... Can you write a diary entry describing your time on Earth. Where did you land? What did you do? Who did you meet? Did you enjoy yourself? Why? How did you get back?

Have a look at something exciting....What the NASA Space Telescope 'Hubble' saw on the day you were born! Click the link and find the Month and Day of your to see it! 



Have a go at re-creating your own


As the time is coming closer to you coming back to school, we would like to hear what you are looking forward to the most!


Double exclamation mark

Who can be the first to work out and send to Miss Wise or Miss Flynn

Double exclamation mark

: How many DAYS you have not spent in school since March 20th 2020. How many WEEKS you have not spent in school since March 20th 2020.

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