Year 4 Home Learning Week 1

Date: 3rd Apr 2020 @ 2:42pm

Hey Year 4,

Hope you're all well, staying at home and keeping safe! We've got some fun weekly tasks for you to do at home. So check out the tasks and video below!

Your challenge is to carry out your very own Viking raid In Your House!

Plan which room you are going to raid and starting from your bedroom create a map of your house and write the directions for how to get from your room to the target destination i.e. the kitchen.

Make the equipment you will need to take with you: a Viking helmet, shield and axe.

Time how long it takes for you to get there and back and convert this between minutes and seconds.

Finally, write either a Newspaper report about your raid or a story in the style of a Norse Myth.

We'd love to see what you make! Please post them to our Twitter @OurLadyandStEdw and our Faceook!

Some useful links to help you with your task:

All the best,
Mr Chamberlain and Mr Worthington

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